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    At Air Supply we support electronics industry as we always do with most of the industries, Electronics industry has the favor of letting the world connected to each other and to be able to maintain its’ progress we provide it with high purity gases which used in manufacturing of semiconductors.

      Gases related to the industry:

    •   Nitrogen (N2)

      Used in cooling and purging applications, nitrogen is essential in the production of electronics and semiconductors.

    •   Argon (Ar)

      Argon is a critical gas used in solar and semiconductor wafer production .

    •   Hydrogen (H2)

      Hydrogen acts as a carrier gas for thin-film deposition, and as a reducing agent in furnace treatments.

    •   Helium (He)

      Helium is used as a coolant, and is also a key component in creating the controlled environments necessary to build semiconducting devices.

    •   Silane (SiH4)

      Silane is a key raw material for the thin film deposition of amorphous and polysilicon films in the semiconductor, display and solar industries.

    •   Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

      High purity carbon dioxide assists with the removal of ultra-small particles in cleaning applications, and helps prevent the collapse of photoresist during drying for critical semiconductor layers.

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