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    Because we don’t just sell gases, we have our own maintenance center that provide all kinds of maintenance to your cylinders and tanks to insure the best performance of your gas equipment.

    We provide:

    • Leakage and pressure test
    • Hydrostatic test
    • Valves maintenance
    • Manifolds maintenance and design
    • Painting
    • Sand blasting
    • Bundles maintenance and manufacturing
    • Gas boosters and pumps maintenance

    Cylinder Test

    Every gas cylinder must be examined at defined intervals. It is checked whether the pressure resistance and the condition of the inside and outside of the cylinder justifies further use. A passed examination is confirmed by an engraving on the cylinder. A gas cylinder that has not been examined in time must not be filled.Air Supply provides cylinders hydrostatic test at different pressures in our plant in Borg El Arab to insure safety and quality of use.

    Helium Sniffer

    This method is used to measure out-leakage of a part or system filled with helium as a tracer gas. A sniffer probe attached to a helium leak detector is scanned over the test part by an operator to identify suspect leak locations.

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