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    At Air Supply we provide the industry with the industrial gases that are necessary to solve the issues related to the industry such as coatings, inerting during manufacturing, enhancing combustion and preventing oxidation.

    We supply all rare and specialty gases in the purities and mixtures that you require for your need moreover we offer a choice of supply modes to suit your individual volume and reliability needs.

      Gases related to the industry:

    •   Sulfur dioxide (So2)

      Used to prevent the glass from reacting with the rollers and other materials handling equipment, in order to mitigate damage to the final glass product and to extend the life of costly capital equipment.

    •   Hydrogen (H2)

      In float glass manufacturing, our hydrogen is used, along with other industrial gases, to reduce the atmosphere over the tin bath to prevent oxidation.

    •   Nitrogen (N2)

      During manufacturing, nitrogen is used to inert the glass. This process prevents oxidation from occurring and allows the furnace to cool.

    •   Oxygen (O2)

      An industrial gas with the power to improve productivity, oxygen is used to enhance combustion in glass furnaces, reduce NOx emissions and improve quality.

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