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    Air Supply offers a line of Gas handling Equipment to fit and maximize your productivity. These handling equipment are installed by Air Supply’s specialized engineers due to its critical role in reaching the accurate results that our clients are seeking for. We help you to get the most out of your gas with the designed equipment you need to fit your specific applications.

    High Purity Automatic System

    When primary supply to the changeover is consumed, the secondary supply feeds the downstream process. By turning the regulator hand knob clockwise, the primary supply can then be replenished. When the reserve is depleted the primary will then begin to feed the process. With a counter clockwise turn of the changeover regulator hand knob, the reserve side can then be replenished.Our Series of high purity automatic changeover systems are designed to provide continuous supply of high purity gases.The standard models come with flexible, all stainless steel pigtails with armor casing.

    Semiconductor Gas Cabinets, Panel and Controllers

    Two and three cylinders gas cabinets are reliable, easy to use, and are designed with safety as a priority.Self-reacting cylinder ramps assist cylinder change out, minimum 140˚ door opening allows unencumbered access.Gas cabinets can give your team a centralized location for gas cylinders and regulators, as pipelines push gases to output locations throughout yourmultiple workstations. Having a centralized gas system in place offers you better control over the gas output, rate and pressure. You can use gas cabinets with corrosive gases, toxic and poison gases, oxidant gases and cryogenic gases.

    High Purity Regulators

    A high purity gas system requires equipment that will preserve the purity of the system. A high purity gas regulator must protect the system from potential contaminants that may be present in the ambient atmosphere. High purity gas regulators utilize three specialized features to help maintain system purity.These regulators intended for primary pressureControl of non-corrosive, high purity or liquefied gases.It is recommended for applications requiring constant pressure control, Regardless of supply pressure.Our regulators are designed to meet your most demanding application needs.

    Maximo Gas Boosting Equipment
    • Gas Booster
    • Booster Pumps
    • Flammable liquid pumps

    Helium Sniffer

    The Helium Sniffing Leak Test Method is commonly used on products or systems that may be too large to place inside a test chamber, or when location and repair of a discovered leak is important.

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