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  • We understand the necessity of industrial gases in most of the industries and its criticality in timing, handling and transporting. As we are the local gas leader in the region. We provide our clients with the state of the art service insuring flawless industrial operation to its partners by providing different offers tailored to the requirement of each client.

    Packaged Gases

    Packaged Gases are all filled in Air Supply’s plant having international safety standards and each cylinder has to be tested in Air Supply test center before filling to provide clients with a safe reliable product. Industrial Gases purity ≤ 99.995 “N45”.

    • Argon
    • Helium
    • Nitrogen
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Oxygen
    • Hydrogen

    Cylinder Filling

    Filling gas into a gas cylinder requires an operating filling installation. It has the same concept that applies for an air compressor used to fill compressed air into gas cylinders. However it is more dangerous, critical and requires well trained and professionalized team with highly prepared gas filling station. At air supply we have all the requirements that needed in such a process assuring high level of safety and quality, we fill cylinders up to 200 and 300 par. Safety is our first concern so that every gas cylinder must be subjected to an external visual inspection before it is filled. It should be checked that the cylinder has no obvious defects such as dents, scores, cracks, dangerous corrosion, and unauthorized welds. In these cases the cylinder should not be filled and subjected to maintenance.

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