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  • Air Supply plant is located in Borg El Arab industrial City, production in the plant comprises of the following operations:

    Cylinder Filling

    Filling gas into a gas cylinder requires an operating filling installation. It has the same concept that applies for an air compressor used to fill compressed air into gas cylinders. However it is more dangerous, critical and requires well trained and professionalized team with highly prepared gas filling station. At air supply we have all the requirements that needed in such a process assuring high level of safety and quality, we fill cylinders up to 200 and 300 par. Safety is our first concern so that every gas cylinder must be subjected to an external visual inspection before it is filled. It should be checked that the cylinder has no obvious defects such as dents, scores, cracks, dangerous corrosion, and unauthorized welds. In these cases the cylinder should not be filled our subjected to maintenance.

    Micro bulk

    Since the debut of Air Supply, the main strength lies in the Supply chain management that is implemented by highly experienced management and skilled personnel and through a logistics fleet and equipment that was procured from reputable suppliers and periodically maintained to assure reliable, safe and flawless supply. Air Supply’s value proposition to the gas business is the service part , and implements the 7Ps marketing of services strategy, so Air Supply concentrates on the People who are delivering the gas service whether in Packaged Gases , Bulk, Micro Bulk, the equipment through which the service provided is delivered , trucks , tanks, tankers , cylinder , and or dewars, and there is a detailed process that all employee works by to assure the “ Partner in success” are delighted by the level of service Air Supply is providing.

    Dry Ice

    At Air Supply’s plant our Dry Ice production unit has the capacity of 450 KG per Hour. Dry ice is typically produced in three standard forms, large blocks, cylindrical small pellets and cylindrical tiny. These tiny dry ice pellets are used primarily for ice blasting, quick freezing, firefighting, oil solidifying and have been found to be safe for experimentation by middle school students wearing appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses. Dry ice is not classified as a dangerous substance by the European Union,or as a hazardous material by the United States Department of Transportation.


    A substance so inert and whisper-light that it'd take scientists another 27 years to isolate it on terra firma. You may think of helium as the stuff in party balloons, or the gas that can make your voice squeaky. But helium has revealed itself to have an array of more practical uses, from essential equipment in science labs to common medical scanners and even scuba tanks. At Air Supply’s plant we have a specialized helium feeling station that is operated by our well trained team, moreover we provide the gas itself in the industrial and specialty form.

    Cylinder Test

    Every gas cylinder must be examined at defined intervals. It is checked whether the pressure resistance and the condition of the inside and outside of the cylinder justifies further use. A passed examination is confirmed by an engraving on the cylinder. A gas cylinder that has not been examined in time must not be filled.Air Supply provides cylinders hydrostatic test at different pressures in our plant in Borg El Arab to insure safety and quality of use.

    Maintenance Center

    Because we don’t just sell gases, we have our own maintenance center that provide all kinds of maintenance to your cylinders and tanks to insure the best performance of your gas equipment.

    We provide:

    • Leakage and pressure test
    • Hydrostatic test
    • Valves maintenance
    • Manifolds maintenance and design
    • Painting
    • Sand blasting
    • Bundles maintenance and manufacturing
    • Gas boosters and bumps maintenance

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